Results of the selection for the Scholarships for the Workshop on Piano Improvisation

We are pleased to announce the results for the selection of scholarships, valid for board and lodging expenses, for the workshop to be held next 13-14-15 April at the Conservatorio di Musica “Morlacchi” in Perugia, Italy.

We would also like to remind you that the awarding of scholarships is only an economic matter and does not exclude voluntary participation, so everyone is free to attend the meeting, without any kind of restriction.

A detailed workshop programme will be published on this website in the coming days.

Active Participants

Gabriele Lucherini
Alyssa Duryee
Georg Thoma
Tzu-Yu Yung
Claire O’Donnell


Claudia Patanè
Nate Sassoon
Gaydon Connor
Andrei Hadap
Claudio Ribeiro

Note from the commission
For the active participants, we have given preference to pianists or fortepianists with experience in improvisation.

For the auditors, we have tried to represent the various types of musicians who may be interested in improvisation in various ways. 

The order of the two lists does not represent a ranking of merit. 

Of course we would be happy to welcome everyone who applied, but our budget does not allow us to accommodate everyone. 

Giorgio Sanguinetti
Costantino Mastroprimiano
John Mortensen

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